September 2020

Focus on Rare Diseases and Orphan Drug Marketing

Taken together, rare diseases afflict as many as 30 million Americans - nearly 10% of the US population. To date, as many as 8,000 rare diseases have been identified but only 5% of rare diseases currently have any FDA-approved drug treatment. Up to 80% of these disorders have a genetic origin; in fact, most are caused by defects in a single gene. Rare diseases take a large toll on children: • Approximately 50% of those affected by rare diseases are children • 30% of children with a rare disease will succumb to it before reaching 5 years of age • Rare diseases cause 35% of deaths occurring during the first 12 months of life Read this whitepaper to find out the current state-of-play, the strategy to meet the demand, and the human resources aggressively treating patients with a rare disease.

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Meet the Author

Asia Gwatkin

Learning and Development Lead

With a career that started nearly 20 years ago in the Pharmaceutical Industry in the UK, Asia has spent most of her career working as a trainer, facilitator and coach, designing and delivering programs that engage and inspire learners. After first joining Amplity Health, Asia worked as an Account Director, based at the International Headquarters in the UK, where she worked closely with clients, giving her a unique perspective into the challenges faced by field teams today. In her current role as Learning and Development Lead, Asia works behind the scenes to support the creation and delivery of innovative Capability Development Solutions for our clients. She also manages Amplity’s team of world-class Facilitators and Coaches, ensuring every Amplity program is delivered with excellence.